Current Members of the Research Centre:


Education Background:
  • M.S in Pharmacy, The Institute of Chinese Pharmaceutical Science, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C. (2003)
  • Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C. (2001)
  • Introductory:

    The Global Traditional Complementary Medicine Research Centre (hereinafter referred to as GTCMRC) is established by the Lincoln University College as an innovative base to serve as a channel for the introduction of traditional auxiliary medical talents and, at the same time, as a scientific research centre for the development of the health industry through medical schools of various origins in numerous countries. GTCMRC was founded in 2021, playing an important role for the development of traditional auxiliary treatment technology and the development of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department established by Lincoln University College. Their objectives are to set up numerous research bases, gather professionals in accordance with their respective medical expertise promote education, technology, clinical research, and to push for better development of the respected fields.

    GTCMRC aims to achieve high quality development to meet the needs of national health plans and industrial development. It strives to undertake major technical research projects with the advantages of gathering multiple schools in the traditional auxiliary field of the country, ultimately serving the construction and development of the national health and medicine field. It aspires to reach outstanding results for the advancement of medical technology, medical prospects, and talent training.

    GTCMRC emphasizes on forming collaborative partnership with both national and international medical sources and strives to be an outstanding technological innovation support platform for the Lincoln University School of Medicine, through flexible mechanisms and effective strategies for the transfer, licensing, and sharing of scientific research results. Thus, achieving a win-win situation for the development of health enterprises.

    GTCMRC prioritizes the integration of traditional auxiliary medicine. The overall advantages of Lincoln University College and close working partnerships with relevant colleges, departments, institutes, and laboratories, contributes to the disciplinary construction of Lincoln University College and the improvement on the professionalism of teachers and the cultivation of the overall quality of students while pursuing to generate influential research findings.

    GTCMRC highlights the conception of management and operation mechanism, aspiring to provide a transparent and quality research and development environment. GTCMRC is ready to support assorted research institutes, according to the development needs of traditional auxiliary medical technology, to organize and coordinate the relevant researching team inside and outside the university, both nationally and internationally, to conduct research and undertake research topics that have a significant impact on the development of national health care and play a key role in the national health industry. GTCMRC will contribute to the advancement of traditional auxiliary medicine-related technologies and the development of emerging health industries through hard work and excellent achievements.

    GTCMCR emphasizes on the building of teams and talents, committing to attract and gather outstanding talents across the country and abroad, and strive to actively participate in the construction of the national medical system by integrating resources, improving the system, improving team bonding, strengthening theory and emphasizing practice, and promoting clinical medical technology on a large scale, ultimately seeking to promote the development of social productive forces through technological innovation.

    Traditional auxiliary medicine plays a huge influence on international medicine in this era. People are gradually paying attention to the effects and expanding market of traditional auxiliary treatment, the growing awareness of its benefits is deeply ingrained into our mindsets and as such, traditional auxiliary medicine has a strong potential for progressive development. GTCMRC sincerely welcomes professionals, across the country and abroad, to join in and collaborate with us.

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